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“UK Based Learning System in alignment with National Education Policy (NEP) Of India”

About Us

Doodle KiDS

A British school chain, powered by London Academy for Applied Technology, a company based in London

Provides high-quality education at affordable prices.

Follow Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which sets standards for the learning, development, and care of children, in line with the education system of UK

Considers India's National Education Policy (NEP), which emphasizes the importance of early childhood development in ensuring a child's holistic growth

Combines EYFS and NEP to offer a unique opportunity of setting up your own school

Committed to nurturing the unique potential of every child and providing them with a comprehensive education that meets international standards

Comprehensive program for setting up a British school

Facilitates franchisees in providing the best education in City

Offers teachers' resource center

AI-based assessment system to create a digital profile of each child's performance, enabling better understanding and monitoring.

Cradle Group

Toddler Group

Tiny Tots

Busy Bees

At Doodle Kids

We Prepare the students to lead a purposeful and successful life by imparting values.

Our Learning System

At Doodle Kids, we believe that education is not just about academics, but also about the overall growth and development of a child. That's why we have designed a unique teaching-learning system that enhances your child's learning experience.

Our unique teaching-learning system enables the teachers, parents and children to collaborate with each other in innovative ways for the growth and development (both physical and mental) of Children during the extraordinary period (i.e., from birth till 6 years) of their lifetime. Our system includes:

  • Learning inspired by British National Curriculum (BNC)
  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), UK
  • Well-researched curriculum inspired by ‘Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills’ OFSTED (UK)
  • Special emphasis on English and other Foreign Languages
  • Training of the teachers by our expert trainers
  • Holistic learning experience that goes beyond academics.
  • Skills-based activities designed to enhance different traits of personality in children
  • Skills include psycho-motor skills, numeracy skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, research and information gathering skills, ICT skills, creative skills, teamwork and collaboration skills, leadership and initiative skills, and time management and organization skills.
  • These skills are crucial for your child's future success and growth, both personally and professionally.
  • Various events for children, parents and teachers for better coordination and all-round development of the Kids
Certified Tutors
Small Class Size
Infant Care
Safety First

Our Philosophy

  • Education is a continuous process for children to acquire knowledge.
  • 'Doodle Kids' aims to provide quality education based on the British National Curriculum.
  • The brand 'Doodle Kids' is powered by London Academy for Applied Technology, based in London, United Kingdom.
  • The British National Curriculum emphasizes core and foundation subjects.
  • The curriculum aligns with individual needs, interests, and learning styles.
  • With the aim of helping students in achieving their dreams through education, we are establishing British Schools in different parts of India and abroad under the name of 'Doodle Kids'
  • We believe that Quality education can provide a strong foundation for young minds and Access to education can help students realize their true potential.

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To apply and practice this knowledge and infuse gradually in the students the spirit of service in all walks of life so that they become responsible citizens of the future.

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