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Doodle Kids is committed to providing your kid with a world class education that adheres to the National Education Policy (NEP) and the British National Curriculum (BNC). Our lesson plans are interesting, practical, and enjoyable, encouraging your child's lifelong love of learning and curiosity.

We at Doodle Kids provide a variety of extracurricular programmes to complement our core curricula, such as our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence Lab and Coding Lab. To prepare children for a future where these skills will be highly valued, these programmes give them first-hand exposure to cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence.

We also hold Olympiads on various topics, such as Science, Maths, and English. These tests are made to inspire your child, providing them with the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities in a competitive setting.

English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology, Music, and Physical Education are just a few topics covered in our BNC curriculum. Our knowledgeable educators are aware of each child's individuality and differing learning styles. They provide a secure, encouraging, and exciting atmosphere that considers each child's particular requirements and learning preferences.

In addition to our academic programmes, we strongly emphasise your child's holistic development, which includes their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. Your child will benefit from our curriculum sessions as they learn to think critically, solve problems, and feel secure enough to express themselves artistically.

At Doodle Kids, we are dedicated to giving your child the best education possible so they can grow up to be self-assured, accountable, and prosperous people. Come and become a part of the Doodle Kids family, and see your kid develop to the fullest.