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About Doodle Kids

  • A British school chain, powered by ‘London Academy for Applied Technology(LAAT), a company based in London
  • Provides high-quality education at affordable prices.
  • Follow Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which sets standards for the learning, development, and care of children, in line with the education system of UK
  • Considers India's National Education Policy (NEP), which emphasizes the importance of early childhood development in ensuring a child's holistic growth
  • Combines EYFS and NEP to offer a unique opportunity of setting up your own school
  • Committed to nurturing the unique potential of every child and providing them with a comprehensive education that meets international standards
  • Comprehensive program for setting up a British school
  • Facilitates franchisees in providing the best education in City
  • Offers teachers' resource center
  • AI-based assessment system to create a digital profile of each child's performance, enabling better understanding and monitoring.

Universality Education Pvt. Ltd. is associated with London Academy for Applied Technology(LAAT) to provide license to the franchisee to operate the school under the brand name of ‘Doodle Kids’

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Chairman's Message

Doodle Kids aspire to bring about a quantum improvement in school education. The purpose is to help children realize their unique potential. Each child is special. Every child has an exceptional mind that shapes how she responds to Stimuli. One method for educating doesn't work for each kid. We have to encourage the manner in which they learn, not constrain them to learn in the manner in which we instruct. Education should foster real understanding: Understanding is different from acquiring information. We assist the young minds in understanding the significance of life and build up the attitude to lead life effectively. For this, we blend life skills, values and habits with academics. Genuine understanding comes from an integrated approach. Building design, pedagogy, teachers, curriculum content, activities and examinations – all are integrated to achieve the vision envisaged for the Child. Our schools provide an eco-framework where various variables affect the child. Educators, educational plan, evaluations, environment, ambience, framework, exercises all are designed to enhance the capabilities of the students. We aim to help students achieve their dreams through education. For that, we are establishing a chain of schools in different parts of India. With Doodle Kids, you can get the benefit of a readymade package of well-researched and tested curriculum, pedagogy, and planning. We are looking forward to join hands with like-minded people who aspire to provide education to the students through their own schools.

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Dr.R A Chaudhary

What Parents Say

"Over the course of 2 years, my daughter attended DoodlKids and I am grateful to the DoodlKids family for their dedicated efforts in shaping her personality."


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"We extend our sincere appreciation to DoodleKids for creating a nurturing environment that supports the growth and development of our children."


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"I have had a very positive experience with DoodleKids thanks to their highly supportive team of teachers and counselors. The care and attention they have given to my son has been exceptional, and I am impressed with their top-notch curriculum."


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"My child loves going to school every day, and I credit that to the amazing teachers and staff at DoodleKids. They have created a welcoming, engaging learning environment that inspires curiosity and creativity. I'm so grateful for the education and experiences my child has received at this school."


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